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Briton Solicitors specialize in Immigration law, family law, commercial law, civil litigation, commercial property, landlord & tenant, road traffic offences and Personal Injury. Our highly experienced team with a proven record always helps clients all across the UK.  Our practice combine a rich depth of experience with accessible, responsive and affordable legal services. 

Landlords & Tenants

Disputes may arise between landlords and tenants, whether commercial or residential, if you are a Landlord who needs assistance with a troubling tenant; falling back on rent, damage, use of premises for other than the agreed purposes we are here to help. We also assist tenants in several matters.

Areas of Services

Legal Eviction of Tenants

If you want to serve the legal notice for the eviction of tenants from your property, our legal experts form landlord and tenants laws can help you with this matter.

Rent Recovery

Rent Recovery sometimes become a hectic and stressful for landlord due to many unforeseen reasons. It is when you need the help of legal expert to recover the…

Serving The Notices on Tenants

The minimum time to serve a notice to tenant is 21 days prior to end the tenancy agreement. If there are some terms and conditions predetermined by landlord &…

Enforcing Covenants

A Covenant is usually a promised agreement to no do anything for other land on the land living. There are many issues which need to be considered before…

Preparing Tenancy Agreements

Every tenant and landlord have different priorities and living restriction with respect to property and personality traits, so a tenancy agreement is must need for…

Assisting With Unlawful Eviction

it is legally unlawful to force tenants to leave the premises without prior notice or terms which were agreed upon by both landlord and tenants at the time of agreement..

Advice on Disputes

Different causes lead to arise of disputes between landlord and tenants due to various reasons, our experts help to make sure to resolve the dispute legally so that…

Advising on Terms of Tenancy

Tenancy terms vary with the purpose of living at specific premises, every tenant and every premises have different specifications to be allied with, our team advise the best to…


Our friendly team will always be happy to assist you and answer any of your queries every step of the way. We provide tailored and unique advice to each of our clients. We make sure you are well informed of every aspect of your case and time frames where possible.

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