Briton Solicitors specialise in Immigration law, family law, commercial law, civil litigation, commercial property, landlord & tenant, road traffic offences and Personal Injury. Our highly experienced team with a proven record always helps clients all across the UK.  Our practice combine a rich depth of experience with accessible, responsive and affordable legal services. 

"Solicitors. Advisers. Consultants."

We are result oriented solicitors. We don’t only advise you of your choices, we propose the move towards what best matched to your requirement. Our objective is to build up lasting relationships with our clients by providing legal services that are high in value, rather than high in cost. 

Areas of Legal Expertise

Immigration Law

At Briton solicitors we offer a wide range of UK and international immigration services. We have specialist immigration working on your cases on one to one basis. Our lawyers have been trained to provide you with the most effective and specialist service.

Family Law

We enter marriages in the hope that the last a lifetime, however we always need to be prepared for the future as early as possible as anything may happen that we may have not have expected. A pre- and post- nuptial agreement are vital legal…

Personal Injury

We’re help assist you in personal injury claims. Whether it be a road traffic accident or other, our team will be there to listen to you and assist you to gain the compensation.

Commercial Property

Commercial conveyancing is when someone buys or sells a commercial property or land and the transaction is carried out by a commercial property solicitor.

Landlord & Tenant

Disputes may arise between landlords and tenants, whether commercial or residential, if you are a Landlord who needs assistance with a troubling tenant…

Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate is related to matters after someone die. It is for the legal right to deal with property, wealth and other possessions left by departure soul.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is the body of laws, rules, regulations and practices that govern the formation and operation of corporations. It’s the body of law that regulates legal entities that exist to conduct business.

Road Traffic Offences

Road Traffic Offences comprises of wide range of allegation related to traffic & driving. It includes but not limited to penalty points, tickets and disqualifications. Some offences directly disqualify a person to drive a vehicle.

Civil Litigation

This is the legal solution to disputes between parties regarding civil matters (non criminal).
Litigation in courts will be our last resort as our aim is to provide our clients the best possible service by aiming to conclude disputes by dispute resolution or negotiation.

Commissioners for Oath

A Commissioner for Oaths is a person who is authorised to verify affidavits and other legal documents, it is a power granted by the Chief justice. It allows us to verify affidavits, certify documents, witness signatures and statutory declarations. 

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