Commercial Property​

If you want to buy, sell or remortgage a property, our specialist conveyancing solicitors provide the expert assistance you need to navigate the complicated legal processes involved.

About Briton Solicitors

Briton Solicitors specialize in Immigration law, family law, commercial law, civil litigation, commercial property, landlord & tenant, road traffic offences and Personal Injury. Our highly experienced team with a proven record always helps clients all across the UK.  Our practice combine a rich depth of experience with accessible, responsive and affordable legal services. 

About Our Commercial Property

Commercial conveyancing is when someone buys or sells a commercial property or land and the transaction is carried out by a commercial property solicitor. It gives rise to plenty of issues not just purchase and sale. These include converting the use of property from residential to business, modifying for another business amongst other issues.*

Areas of Services

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Acting for the Seller

Being acting for the seller these are the services we work upon as; Title of property investigated; Contract drafted; Details provided by seller about property; Answering enquiries from buyer; Receive deposit; Agree completion date; Receive full monies.

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Acting for the Buyer

Being acting for the buyer we provide services as; Investigating title of property and carrying out searches; Raise enquiries arising from searches; Mortgage offer checked; A report pack sent to Buyer which includes all the necessary documents required.


Briton Solicitors are highly experienced team of solicitors in the heart of London. We will always be happy to assist you and answer any of your queries every step of the way. We provide tailored and unique advice to each of our clients. We make sure you are well informed of every aspect of your case and time frames where possible.

*This is subject to entering into a CFA agreement in accordance with our policy and complying with your responsibilities under the agreement.

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