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Briton Solicitors specialize in Immigration law, family law, commercial law, civil litigation, commercial property, landlord & tenant, road traffic offences and Personal Injury. Our highly experienced team with a proven record always helps clients all across the UK.  Our practice combine a rich depth of experience with accessible, responsive and affordable legal services. 

Landlords & Tenants

Disputes may arise between landlords and tenants, whether commercial or residential, if you are a Landlord who needs assistance with a troubling tenant; falling back on rent, damage, use of premises for other than the agreed purposes we are here to help. We also assist tenants in several matters.

Our Solicitors are particularly experienced in acting on behalf of Landlords, Property Management Companies, Agents and Tenants. Our solicitors have built a reputation for providing the best representation in all types of landlord and tenant disputes. We have a highly qualified, specialised team to deal with all your problems that derive from tenancy. We have solicitors and advocates experienced in both parties involved the Landlord and the Tenant.

Disputes that can arise as a result of tenancy are diverse in nature and often complicated. We are here to help you navigate through the intricacies of all legal aspects of tenancy whether you are the landlord or the tenant. We not only can very efficiently represent you during any litigation relating to your tenancy, but we also are capable of advising you so that the disputes never become subject to litigation and are solved quickly and efficiently without added stress and waste of finances.

Soliciting For Landlords & Owners

For any Landlord who is renting their property safeguarding their rental income, as well as making sure their property remains uncompromised, unharmed and well maintained, is of outmost importance. After all, the principal reason behind becoming a Landlord is to generate an income, while also making sure the principal investment is safe.

We wholly understand the full implications of being a Landlord, as well as the challenges they may face. Most common problems encountered by Landlords are the following:

    • Tenants who fall behind their payments
    • Tenants who breach other material clauses of the Tenancy Agreement
    • Need to re-possess the property that is under Tenancy Agreement
    • Repairs that need to be carried out in the property, where the parties are unsure or disputing over the responsibilities to carry them out
    • Neighbouring Disputes your Tenant has contacted you about
    • Local Authority Regulation issues

Our specialized and experienced team is able to advise and represent you in all these matters and more, from the very beginning of your contractual journey through to any disputes and litigation at courts, if the need arises.

As a Landlord, you have many obligations and if you are unsure of those, or would like to be safeguard your property and your position in a Tenancy Agreement, we advise you to contact us before you enter into a Tenancy Agreement and disputes arise. Our Landlord and Tenant dispute team will advise you on how to comply with relevant regulations and obligations and will safeguard you form possible problems.

Soliciting for Tenants

The property you live in, rented or not, is your home and it is understandable you wish to treat it as such and be stress free living in it. Unfortunately it is not always the case and you may well end up in a property with disrepair, have disputes with your neighbours or your landlord.

Our Solicitors are experienced in wide range of Disputes with Landlords, thus being able to help and support you in your struggles. Most common problems encountered by Tenants are:

    • Landlord is wishing to evict you from the property and has given you notice to vacate.
    • Tenant no longer wishes or is able to remain in the property and is seeking to terminate the tenancy
    • Unlawful evictions or obstruction to use of the property
    • Disrepair of the property – compensation for disrepair and applying for the works to be carried out
    • Disputes over return of the deposit
    • Allegations of breach of terms of Tenancy
    • Allegations of disturbance caused to others
    • Disputes with Local Authority or Housing Associations

Our experienced Solicitors will gladly fight your corner, and will reliably advise and represent you in all these matters and more. Our advice is to seek legal help from the very beginning of your Tenancy Agreement in order to avoid being trapped by unreasonable clauses. We also advise you to seek legal opinion on your Tenancy Agreement if you feel that unfair terms have been imposed on you. Be aware that some terms are unenforceable and you might not need to observe them.

As a Tenant, you have obligations to your Landlord and the state of the property you live in. If you are unsure of those, or would like to clarify any aspect of your existing or prospective Tenancy Agreement, please contact us.

If you are facing any Tenancy or Property problems as a Landlord or Tenant our Solicitors will provide you with detailed, easy to comprehend advice tailored to your needs. We have built reputation providing the best representation for the Landlords and Tenants in handling the disputes in and out of courts.

Areas of Services

Eviciton 1

Legal Eviction of Tenants

If you want to serve the legal notice for the eviction of tenants from your property, our legal experts form landlord and tenants laws can help you with this matter.

Rent Recovery

Rent Recovery

Rent Recovery sometimes become a hectic and stressful for landlord due to many unforeseen reasons. It is when you need the help of legal expert to recover the rent.

Eviction Of Tenants

Serving The Notices on Tenants

The minimum time to serve a notice to tenant is 21 days prior to end the tenancy agreement. If there are some terms and conditions predetermined by landlord & tenants.


Enforcing Covenants

A Covenant is usually a promised agreement to no do anything for other land on the land living. There are many issues which need to be considered before enforcing covenants.


Preparing Tenancy Agreements

Every tenant and landlord have different priorities and living restriction with respect to property and personality traits, so a tenancy agreement is must need for renting property.

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Assisting With Unlawful Eviction

It is legally unlawful to force tenants to leave the premises without prior notice on terms which were agreed upon by both landlord and tenants at the time of agreement.


Advice on Disputes

Different causes lead to arise of disputes between landlord and tenants due to various reasons, our experts can help to make sure to resolve the dispute legally.


Advising on Terms of Tenancy

Tenancy terms vary with the purpose of living at specific premises, every tenant and every premises have different specifications to be allied with, our team can advise on this.

Our policy is to strive to offer the best legal advice and representation, while making sure it remain affordable to wide array of prospective clients. We can offer a range of options when it comes to our fees and funding. We are able to offer you fixed fees or very clear estimates in some cases. In situations where such fees or estimates are impossible, due to the nature of the case or the court process, we will advise and guide you to the best of our ability on the methods of funding four your case. 

In most cases we are able to offer the following funding methods:

    • Private Funding and Fixed Fee where appropriate
    • Insurance – Legal Expenses Insurance or After Event Insurance
    • Conditional Fee Arrangement

We have a strong commitment to keep our client’s regularly informed of the costs, and our transparency on costs policy means you will always have control and certainty over the cost.


Briton Solicitors are highly experienced team of solicitors in the heart of London. We will always be happy to assist you and answer any of your queries every step of the way. We provide tailored and unique advice to each of our clients. We make sure you are well informed of every aspect of your case and time frames where possible.

*This is subject to entering into a CFA agreement in accordance with our policy and complying with your responsibilities under the agreement.

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