Thousands of speeding cases come before the courts every year. 

Thousands of speeding cases come before the courts every year. 

If you have been charged with speeding and want to contest the charge, call us for a free no obligation discussion about your options.  Whether you are looking to defend the case entirely or pleading guilty with a view to securing the lowest possible points or wanting to avoid a disqualification, we can help.

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Speeding is driving in excess of the permitted speed limit.

The National Speed Limits are as follows:

    1. Built-Up Areas: 30 mph (20 mph in some cases)
    2. Single Carriageways: 60 mph
    3. Dual Carriageways and Motorways: 70 mph

The above limits are subject to temporary changes for which there must be proper signage.

Sentencing in speeding cases

The Magistrates’ Courts have guidelines as follows:

Speed limit (mph)

Recorded speed (mph)


21 – 30

31 – 40

41 – 50


31 – 40

41 – 50

51 – 60


41 – 55

56 – 65

66 – 75


51 – 65

66 – 75

76 – 85


61 – 80

81 – 90

91 – 100


71 – 90

91 – 100

101 – 110

Starting point

Band A fine

Band B fine

Band C fine


Band A fine

Band B fine

Band C fine


3 points

 4 – 6 points OR

Disqualify 7 – 28 days

Disqualify 7 – 56 days OR

6 points

If you are pleading guilty, we can help you persuade the court to either keep the number of points to a minimum or to avoid a disqualification where you are risk of having one imposed. 

In a number of cases where the prosecution rely upon the observations of a police officer, we have been able to persuade the police to accept that the speeding offence was committed at a lower speed than that alleged and as a result our clients have avoided a disqualification or had a number of points reduced so that they avoid a disqualification under the totting-up provisions.

In some cases there may be special reasons not to endorse a licence.  This may include offences being committed in an emergency, where there was a defect with the vehicle or where the offence was committed due to some distraction beyond the driver’s control. 

If you are convicted of a speeding offence and already have points on your licence, you could be at risk of being disqualified if you have accumulated 12 or more points in total.  This could lead to a disqualification of at least six months under the totting-up provisions. 

We have won many cases in the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Courts arguing exception hardship, as a result of which our clients either had their disqualification reduced or avoided disqualification all together.

It is important to get specialist legal advice as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of success in a speeding case.  We can provide expert advice, assistance and representation. Among the defences which may be available are: 

    1. The device has produced an incorrect reading
    2. The device has been wrongly operated by the police officer
    3. You were not the driver
    4. The police cannot prove that the alleged speed limit was in force
    5. It was not your vehicle which was speeding
    6. The law relating to the service of a notice of intended prosecution has not been complied with  


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